micro moteur


Slow micro motor

3 size to be choose

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Slow micro motor and the electronic control board.

30 à 150 rpm


Micro motor and electronic board.
The set include 1 motor (size to be choose) and the electronic control board.

The speed can be set from 30rpm up to 150 rpm with a little trimmer.

Becarefull the torque is very low, it can be use only to rotate some parts without friction and weight.

Use with or without remote control

This product can be use with or without remote control.
Without RC the motor run when the board is supply.

With the RC system, you need to connect the servo plug into your receiver and supply them the motor run when your corresponding stick is pull or push.


This product is perfect for the boat radar on hobby model or for diorama and train model to animate some scenery.

Motor dimension

Type A: Ø15 height 12mm; shaft Ø1.5x5 (with gear 16 teeth); torque 1mNm

Type B: Ø8 height 10mm; shaft Ø0.8x4 (with gear 11 teeth) ; torque 0.5mNm

Type C: Ø6 height 7mm; shaft Ø0.8x3; torque 0.1mNm


Manual S660


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micro moteur

micro moteur

Slow micro motor

3 size to be choose

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