The Kotronik system ?

The Kotronik system is a multplexed control system who can drive 10 light independently with only 3 electrical wires. We deliberately opted for servo connectors so you can extend the cables with simple servo leads.

Product pages

Explanation in video


Easy connection with servo extension cable. The board decode the signal to turn on the correct light. No wiring error. Additional modules kotronik system compatible can be installed on the same circuit. The wireless modules for trailer is simple to set-up, no pairing, we can lend the trailer to everybody equiped or not with the kotronik system.
Possible to do is own wiring with the board 1015,1020 et 1025.


Limited to 8 modules on the circuit.
Compatible only on Tamiya truck (Scania, Man, Actros) For other vehicle you need to do it with the board 1020 et 1025 then DIY the wiring.
Set up the stick limit of the remote control. (same as electronic speed controler)

What are the lights manged by the Kotronik system?

-Passing light
-Driving light
-Backward light
-Brake light
-Right blinker
-Left blinker
-Fog light / operating light
-Auxiliairy 1 / Long range light (on Scania)
-Auxiliary 2

Demonstration with a trailer

exemple platine avant Scania    platine arriere de remorque

Front board for Scania and rear board for trailer.